I was a photographer well before I knew what that meant. I started as a mother. I sought to capture memories, my children growing before my eyes, and preserve a bit of a history that was uniquely mine. It was a long time, filled with challenges, careers, and business ideas that all dwindled in one way or another, before I found my art. My Canon 3ti and the streets of New York City turned me on a path I hadn’t realized I could walk.

And before long, I was running. I moved from the vibrant, kinetic city to the graceful beauty and quaint charms of the North Carolina Mountains. I burned out quickly on landscapes and pastures, though I never tire of the views, and took inspiration from my past. I’d use my eye for shots, my patience with children and infants rightfully earned from four of my own, an innate ability to capture the beauty that rests in each and every individual that comes to my studio, and technical experience to create professional, quality, and magical photographs.

I have extensive experience with newborns, maternity shoots, weddings, and family portraits. I capture real, honest moments, subtle charms in portraits, and dramatic beauty in Fine Art. For those with the fantastical in mind, professionally edited composites offer unique scenes for any imagination. I believe photography is my gift to others and I cherish every moment I get to spend sharing that gift. My heart and soul go into my photographs, and it is the heart and soul I seek to capture for my clients.

Gina Gomez Photography

Gina with her dog Tank.

Gina is very passionate about dogs & pet rescue.

She volunteers for several pet rescues & encourages

pet adoption over buying.